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Developing Higher-order Thinking Skills Through Questioning Strategies

Jennifer Dye, Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville TN

Constructing logical explanations through scientific investigations begins with asking good questions. Scientific research may seem like a daunting task for any student whether high school or graduate student. Think about it for a minute, the challenge of developing a question around which the research can be designed sometimes takes those pursuing post-graduate degrees a year or more! Yet, in our classrooms the expectation is that within the context of a unit of study, students will not only research and develop the questions, but they will also design, execute and analyze the evidence. The greatest challenge in this process is often the development of strong questions. 

During this session, teachers will be provided with examples from a high school biology class and video excerpts of facilitation of these methods that engage students in question development. Teachers will have the opportunity to participate in a lab activity that will allow them to begin developing the questioning skills needed to engage students in discourse of scientific concepts.

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