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Promoting Student Discourse in the Classroom to Create a More Student-driven Learning Environment

Margie Hawkins, Winfree Bryant Middle School in Lebanon TN

All 8 of the scientific and engineering practices lined out in the K-12 Science Framework, which our new TN Standards is based on, will require students to be able to engage in productive academic discourse with their peers. In this session you will learn about a very successful, teacher created program designed to train students to do just that. Handouts will be provided for teachers to create their own 'Negotiation Folders" to use in training their students in the critical skill. An interactive lesson will be modeled to give participants first-hand experience with how this works in a classroom setting. A link to the Teacher’s Studio video with more information on this topic will also be provided. Participants will learn why Academic Discourse is so critical to STEM programs, and science education in general, They will hear from the teacher who designed this program regarding how to implement it in a classroom and her own lessons learned along the way. They will experience a hands-on lesson utilizing the negotiation folders, will also take home copy ready handouts, and will leave with all of the knowledge and materials needed to implement an Academic Discourse program in their own classrooms.

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