Learning Blade FREE Online STEM curriculum

Thu, June 02, 2016 4:27 PM | Anonymous

Learning Blade is a STEM career awareness system tied to the academic standards. This system uses an online game-based mission format to expose students to a wide range of STEM careers and technologies. 

Our technology has been validated by Battelle Education and recommended by ACT in their “2014 &2015 Condition of STEM” National Report as a valuable STEM-related educational resource. 

Learning Blade Gets Results: 

DOUBLING the # of students interested in becoming an engineer and/or scientist 

79% Increase In students recognizing “Math is helpful when solving interesting problems.” 

69% Increase In students recognizing “What I learn in school will be useful later in life.”

57% Increase In students interested in taking advanced math classes in high school.

www.learningblade.com/tn is how TN schools can register for free.

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