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Sat, September 26, 2015 10:35 AM | Anonymous

Visit the updated Water Science Center section of the US Geological Survey (USGS). We have a wonderful Web site for teachers to use to learn all about water, the Water Science School (http://water.usgs.gov/edu/).We feature a great diagram and also an Interactive Section where a student can mouse hover over sections of the diagram and get popup information and pictures about that topic, along with links to more information. All of this is available for 3 different age levels.

And, the diagram is available in over a dozen languages, including Spanish!

Main diagram: http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycle-kids.html

Interactive Center: Beginner:  http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycle-kids-beg.html

                            Intermediate: http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycle-kids-int.html

                            Advanced: http://water.usgs.gov/edu/watercycle-kids-adv.html

Order "Water Science School" bookmarks which I can send you or to any school or group, if you wish.

Howard Perlman

U.S. Geological Survey



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