TSTA is the largest representation of science educators in Tennessee. Established in 1975 as the Science Association of Tennessee, TSTA has continuously promoted the development and advancement of science education in Tennessee.  TSTA is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization and recognized by the Tennessee State Department as being eligible to receive charitable tax-deductible contributions.  All Officers, Board of Directors Representatives, and Liaisons are volunteers.  All membership dues or contributions go to promoting science education in Tennessee.


  • To provide an effective forum for sharing science education ideas and to further science understanding
  • To provide the mechanism for the formulation of a collective voice for the science teaching community
  • To assist in the dissemination of knowledge related to the methodology of science education and curricular updating of science education
  • To encourage classroom education, activities, and programs which will promote an interest in science and the recognition of outstanding talent
  • To provide a medium through which research in science and/or science education can be encouraged and supported at all levels

 Structure at a Glance

  • Officers: President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary-- 2 year term, elected by TSTA membership,  Treasurer-- 2 year term, appointed by TSTA Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors: 24 members Board of Directors for 12 districts-- 3 year terms, elected by district TSTA membership
  • Liaisons: Science organizations and agencies and Tennessee State Science Consultant advise the Board of Directors
  • Exhibits Coordinator: Handles all aspects of developing the exhibits for the annual conference
  • Webmaster: Develops and maintains the TSTA website

Committees: Consist of Board of Directors and members at large

      Executive - Consists of officers and one member from each large division of Tennessee, act for the Board in matters that cannot wait for a Board meeting
      Membership - Conduct and supervise membership activities and services
      Nomination/Elections - Obtain qualified nominations and conduct and supervise elections
      Program - Evaluate conference proposals to present and complete program for annual conference
      Conference - Conduct and supervise planning of annual conference
      Legislative - Keep abreast of current national, regional, state, and local legislation and policies which the association may need to take a positional stand
      Awards - Solicit and identify nominees for recognition of outstanding contributions to science education
      Public Relations - Communicate to members and the public activities and accomplishments of the Association and its members
      Professional Development - Plan professional development opportunities
      Partnership - Seek organizations, corporations, and businesses to collaborate with TSTA

      Current Board and Officers
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