NOVEMBER 1-3, 2018

Why should educators attend a state conference? It is an opportunity to find dynamic new ideas, hear about better techniques, and see examples of successful lessons to make students want to learn! Consider sharing your ideas  and resources to help us all help our students.  TSTA needs educators from all grade levels—kindergarten through higher education—to come and share skills, ideas and activities in science with fellow teachers.  
As you plan your presentation, please determine how your proposal addresses one or more of the strands listed below and indicate this on the form. Presentations for audiences other than P-12 teachers are expected to address the same strands for the target audience. We encourage you to submit a proposal and we look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Conference Strands:

  • Strategies for Implementing 3-Dimensional Learning:  The Tennessee science standards build on ideas found in the Framework for Science and require students to utilize scientific practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts. This integration of content and skills requires students to engage in new ways of thinking.  Session in this strand should focus on strategies that can be used in Tennessee classrooms to develop these 3-D skills
  • Formative Assessment in 3-Dimensional Learning: Assessing student understanding of the 3-dimensions of science literacy can be done in many ways but allow the teacher and the student to modify learning as it is occurring in the classroom.  Sessions in this strand should provide teachers with techniques that can provide real-time data for the teacher to help students develop 3-dimensional skills. 
  • 3- Dimensional Literacy integration: Math, Science and Language Arts:  Three-dimensional learning requires that students experience and expand literacy in all areas. Sessions in this strand should allow participants to experience how integration of skills and concepts from multiple areas can enrich one another through integration. How are you integrating? These sessions should also integrate the 3-dimensional approach to science instruction.
Presenters have two options for participation in the conference. On Thursday during the day, TSTA offers longer pre-conference workshops. If you want more time with teachers (2 hours or more), this may be your best option. Fill out the Pre-Conference Workshops Form. During Friday and Saturday, sessions are scheduled in one hour blocks with a break in between each to allow for finding sessions. Choose the Conference Proposal Form for this option. You also may choose to do both days. You will apply using an online document.   IMPORTANT: TSTA requires CODE OF CONDUCT FORM and AGREEMENT FORM to be included with any submissions. 

Thursday: Workshops in morning and afternoon blocks
Friday: Sessions all day, exhibit hall open
Saturday: Sessions are morning only, no exhibitors

Deadlines: July 29 for all workshop submissions 


July 29  All proposals due
October 2   Last date to reserve a hotel room at special rate
October 17   Early registration at discounted rate of $130 closes
November 1-3   Conference begins


1200 Conference Center Boulevard, 
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Use this link to get the discounted rate for TSTA attendees. Use the code TST to receive the special rate during the online process using this link.


HOTEL PHONE (615) 890-4464, 1-888-EMBASSY


How do I submit a Friday and Saturday session proposal?  That is so easy! Go to the online link to submit. Be sure to include any Co-Presenters. Read the form carefully to understand the parameters and requirements for presenting. Send in early to ensure a preferred time and day. The deadline for conference proposals is July 29, 2018. 

How do I submit a Pre-conference proposal?   Go to the online link to submit. Be sure to include any Co-Presenters. Read the form carefully to understand the parameters and requirements for pre-conference workshops. The deadline for Thursday Pre-Conference workshops is July 29, 2018. You will be notified by early September.

When will I hear from TSTA about my proposal?   If there are any questions about your proposal you will be contacted by the team reviewing the forms. Just make sure your session fits in with the theme and conference strands.

I Did Not Receive a Response to My Proposal—Why Not?  If you did not receive a response, there may have been a miscommunication or a problem with your e-mail address.  Session confirmation e-mails will be sent by September 1. Confirmed pre-conference sessions will be notified by mid-August and regular conference sessions will be notified by early October.

How are session days and times determined?  Friday and Saturday sessions are filled on a first come basis. The earlier you submit, the more likely you will get a preferred time slot. This usually works out but sometimes there are changes even when registering early due to the types of sessions and the times they are offered. Here is a helpful floor plan map of the conference center.

Once I get approved, what is the next step?  All presenters and co-presenters MUST REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT AND PAY THE REGISTRATION FEES. Go to the registration link below and provide information and payment AFTER AUGUST 31.

How will I check in on the day of the session?  There will be a designated area for Presenter Check-in where you pick up your Presenter Badge and documents.  You will want to check on the room location and make sure the program matches your information. Be sure to be at your session area at least 15 minutes before the session begins. Let TSTA conference staff know if you need help setting up. 

Will I have internet access and A/V equipment?  Presenters are responsible for furnishing their own A/V equipment at their own expense. Hotel guests can purchase high speed internet for an extra fee from Embassy Suites. Be sure to ask when you check in.

Can I Cancel a Session?  If you are canceling your session, the Conference Office needs to be informed as soon as possible.

Can I Add or Remove Presenters/Presiders?  If you wish to add or remove a presenter or presider, please e-mail Jennifer Dye. Submit their names and contact information. 

Presenters must register for the conference as a requirement of presenting on any day of the event. 

Conference registration $130 in advance

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