TSTA is the largest science educator organization in Tennessee. We are five hundred + members strong! 

Gale Stanley, President

Now is the time to be a science educator in Tennessee.  The opportunities to make an impact in science education in our state and the United States are exciting.  With STEM education in the spotlight, it is time for TSTA to lead these initiatives in Tennessee and help make a difference in the world.  We need our students engaged in the rigor that is robust and exciting.  To change a culture, we must change perspectives and we can do this by providing positive experiences for the students and educators.  The role of TSTA is and will be important as this science journey continues.  We must develop meaningful relationships with students, educators, business and all stakeholders.

Become a Conference Presenter 

DECEMBER 1-3 2016 in Murfreesboro, TN

Inspired by NSTA and the workshops you visited? Share your own classroom ideas, projects, techniques and successful experiences at the TSTA conference coming in December. 
Proposals are now being accepted. Fill out the form and follow the easy directions to get your session approved early!

NSTA Conference Highlights

TSTA celebrates its 40th Anniversary

A special THANK YOU to the sponsors for the birthday bash! 

TSTA Awards Outstanding Educators of the Year 2016

At a special banquet, four worthy educators were given recognition for their outstanding work in science education. 
TSTA Educators of the Year
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